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Happy Holidays from Fountains Dental Excellence

The holiday season is a special time to build lifelong memories with your family. We know that the holiday season can also be busy and hectic, but we hope that you are able to enjoy this special time.  Here are some of our Christmas traditions…

After decorating our Christmas tree together as a family, my kids (now teenagers) we still decorate a store bought gingerbread house together.  It’s amusing to see that after all these years, they still ask to do it!  My favorite part is hearing the laughs, and even the arguing too.  It brings the biggest smile to my face year after year…Jenn

On Christmas we play bunko and eat taco salad…Stephanie..

My kids, even at 18 & 21, get 1 present on Christmas Eve..It’s always PJ’s…Shara

We decorate for the holidays super early..1st weekend of November..Why?  Years ago Adrian, at 5 years old asked to decorate I said “It’s Too Early!”
Adrian with tears in his eyes “Next week is Veterans Day!”  I said “Why are you you upset?” Adrian said  “There are people in the war not able to decorate for the holidays!”  Needless to say…We decorated that day!!  As the tradition began the 1st weekend in November we decorate and discuss what we are thankful for…Gina

As a little girl we always enjoyed our “Christmas Countdown Calendar.”  We’d open one drawer each day and enjoy the treats inside.  When I became a mother this special calendar was passed down to me.  Since my girls were little we have kept this tradition going.  Even now that they are teenagers my girls get excited every day as the countdown gets closer to Christmas and they open a drawer each day.  It’s traditions like this that make the Christmas season on of my favorites…Dee Dee

We hope that you enjoy this special holiday season and that you continue your holiday traditions and create new one’s as well.

Mai-Ly Ramirez, DDS, Dan Gustavson, DDS & Your Fountains Dental Excellence Team

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