Keep Your Teeth Happy & Healthy This Summer

Summer is in full swing and that means lots of swimming and barbecues! It also means lots of foods and drinks that can wreak havoc on your teeth and your mouth. Here are some great options and tips to keep your teeth happy and healthy.

Skip The Soda

Soda and sports drinks are some of the worst drinks for your teeth. They eat away at your teeth, cause dry mouth and are full of sugar. Water, however, is one of the best things you can sip, so serve up a healthy drink with a twist of whatever fruit you’d like. Infused waters are low in sugar and super hydrating. (Just go easy on citrus fruits. The acid in lemons and limes can be harsh on your teeth.) Bonus: Pitchers of infused water will also look beautiful on your table.

Crushed, Not Cubed

Ice may be your best friend on a hot day, but it’s no friend to your teeth. That’s because chewing on hard foods, such as ice, can leave your teeth vulnerable to a dental emergency such as a broken tooth and can even damage enamel. If you can, put cans and bottles in a huge tub of ice so your guests won’t be tempted to crunch a few cubes when they’re done with their drinks. If you need ice to put in a glass, use crushed.

Toothpicks Are Trouble. Use an Alternative

Serving corn on the cob or pulled pork? Your guests may need something to get food unstuck from their teeth. A toothpick is sharp and can pierce gums, giving bacteria a chance to get in. And no one wants a mouth splinter if it breaks. Instead, leave dental picks in a covered dish in the bathroom, or replace toothpicks on the table with soft, flexible, wooden plaque removers like Stim-U-Dent.

Wishing all of our patients and wonderful and fun filled summer. While your dental care might not be something that you think about during this fun time, it is something that is always on our mind. We want you to enjoy all that summer has to offer and to enjoy some indulgences with moderation. We are here if you have any questions or in the event of a dental emergency.

Your Fountains Dental Excellence Team
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