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Does Santa Claus Really Deliver Toothbrushes?

Year in and year out there were always toothbrushes in my Christmas stocking come Christmas morning.  Now that I am a parent and a dentist, this tradition has continued.  Needless to say this tradition does come with the question from inquisitive and bright children, “Does Santa Claus really deliver toothbrushes?”  Such a great question and one that we enjoy answering.

Dr. Dan I both answer this questions with a resounding “Yes!” Like everyone else Santa practices excellent oral hygiene. Considering that this time of the year he, along with the majority of us, indulge in some extra sweets and treats. So if Santa is enjoying treats more often than usual how does he keep up with taking care of his teeth?

As we suggest to all of our patients, Santa does pack his toothbrush, toothpaste and floss in his sleigh before heading out to deliver toys to girls and boys around the world.

He also packs Trident, sugarless gum.  After enjoying a treat and before headed to the next home to deliver presents Santa takes a nice drink of water and chews a piece of gum.  Since he is in a rush and is unable to brush after every treat/toy delivering stop, chewing Trident and drinking water is a great way to increase the production of saliva, which helps protect his teeth by keeping them clean and by helping to strengthen enamel.

So, what are Santa’s favorites items to leave in Christmas Stockings?


Toothbrushes are a stocking staple.  He tends to include a variety of brushes in his big bag that range from the basic brush, electric model or even a singing toothbrush! With a wide variety of colors and designs, he always seems to know the perfect toothbrush fit for every member of your family.

dont_forget_to_floss_flossing_cartoon_tooth_ornament-r634ab9f269aa47ad97b6f747624b454f_x7s21_8byvr_512Smile Sidekicks

Team up your toothbrush with complementing items. Floss & toothpasteare essential for a healthy grin. While he enjoys giving the traditional minty flavor he understands that some boys and girls might need something a little less strong tasting.

Mistletoe Mouth

Give your significant other a minty mouth with items like gum (look for one that contains xylitol), lip balm/gloss or sugar-free mints.

Travel-Sized Favorites

Mini-sized toothpaste and floss make great travel go-tos. Some brands even release limited-edition scents specifically for the holidays. For a full(er) stocking, pick out a stylish travel tote or toiletry bag.

Stuffers for Small Ones

There are several books that teach kids the importance of oral health. For the young athlete, pick out a mouthguard in his or her favorite color. Get children excited about brushing – stuff their stocking with a fun toothbrush holder.

Happy Holidays,

Mai-Ly Ramirez, DDS & Your Fountains Dental Excellence Team
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